Everything Expained in 800 Words

Everything Explained in 800 Words

The following is a précis of extracts from common themes in all the major religions of the world. It is an extract from every major discipline connected to human activity such as psychology and psychoanalysis. It is not a religious text designed to do anything other than inform. The person who gave it to you is not interested in doing anything other than making you aware of its existence. There is no catch, no sale, no nothing. You may not fully understand it after one, two or even three readings but that’s ok.  If you think it’s complete rubbish, set it aside and read it again in five years time.  There will be a time when it will make complete sense to you. If you’ve recently suffered a bereavement in the family it may offer you comfort. And like anything profound it doesn’t care whether you believe or agree with it or not. Just read and consider. It seems to me the best answer yet to the question “Why are we here” But what do I know?

The universe has about a billion galaxies, with about a billion stars in each galaxy. That means that planet Earth is a tiny speck in an infinite ocean of space and energy. 

Earth is like a small airport for souls, with thousands of arrivals and departures every hour. In the short time between when a soul arrives and departs on airport earth, there is a game they play. A game called “Life” and it has various rules and goals like any other game.

Based on the millions of people who have had life and death experiences and come back to report what happened, certain assumptions can be made. 

First, there is a higher power of some kind who truly cares about the souls that visit planet earth.

Second, this higher power seems to ask everyone who is dying the same basic two questions.  First, “What did you learn about being a kind and loving person”?  Followed by “How well did you use your gifts to contribute to the good of the world”?

Since people from all different cultures report that they get asked the same two questions at death, we can safely assume that the higher power is interested in our spiritual and personal development.

The first rule of the game of life is to find out what rules will lead to winning.  Winning is defined as the ability to consistently feel deep levels of Peace, happiness and love in your life.  The second aspect of winning is to take the peace, happiness and love you feel, and live in such a way that you contribute to other people’s lives. 

With such a clearly defined goal, it would seem easy for these souls to learn the “rules” that lead to the destination they desire.

This is not the case.

 There are many obstacles on the way towards each soul’s desired destination.  To begin with, each person is brought up in a unique family and cultural situation.  Your family and culture effectively “hypnotise” young souls to strongly believe many things that are not true, thereby, putting them at odds with reality.  For example in western culture, we’re taught to believe that more money or the right relationship will lead us to lasting happiness.  Such cultural conditioning leads us to spend a lot of energy looking for love and happiness in areas outside of ourselves and our control.

Another obstacle to winning in life (finding peace, love and happiness) is the fact that our minds are almost totally out of control and they never shut up!

Most people don’t even know this and will get defensive if you inform them about their obvious condition.  But since people have almost no control over their own minds, they end up primarily focussing on worries, problems and what’s wrong with themselves and their life.  Furthermore, they have no training in how to control their own minds, so they can do little or nothing about it. What they are told and believe will “cure” their lack of peace is one simple lie.  They are told that “If you could simply control more of the events and people in your life to be the way you want them to be, you’d achieve lasting happiness”.

 In fact, when things go the way we want, we do feel good for a brief period of time.  That’s why we become addicted to the process.  But people who have the most control such as multi-millionaires or the President of the United States, are not one iota happier than other people. Control simply doesn’t lead to lasting happiness.  But people don’t see this obvious situation because they get lost in blame, denial or distraction.

 With blame, people see the problem as being in the world or with someone else. They become helpless victims. 

With denial, people refuse even to see that they have a problem (i.e. they aren’t winning!) and therefore do nothing to move closer to their goal. 

And with distractions (T.V. drugs etc.) people are too busy to attend to the overall underlying problem.

 The most efficient means to winning (finding lasting peace, love and happiness) is to tune in to the peace love and happiness within.  Our minds are like radio receivers. An infinite number of stations are being broadcast. Some are playing beautiful music, whereas other, noise.  Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to learn ways of tuning into the stations that play the type of music that feels good to us.  There are many methods for doing this, such as prayer, meditation, being in nature, feeling grateful and various spiritual practices.

 Once a person learns how to tap into the stations that feel great, from their own personal abundance they can more easily contribute their goodness to the rest of the world.

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