Property Due Diligence checklist

Due Diligence Requisitions
Note: This list is not exhaustable (it's not fully complete) There may be other things to consider...but as of November 2017 it's pretty much up-to-date.  Feel free to add a comment in the blog section or email your thoughts/suggestions.
Thoughts suggestions/Ideas to:

  1. Draft disposition in favour of your clients
  2. Draft AN for the disposition
  3. Legal report
  4. Charges searches against the seller and your clients
  5. Coal Report 
  6. RCIL search
  7. PEC including roads adoption plan
  8. EPC
  9. VAT information – is the property opted to tax?  If so I will need to see the option/HMRC confirmation re the seller and your clients’ option/HMRC confirmation
  10. the lease of the ground floor (if required)
  11. payment history of the tenant(s)
  12. the asbestos report, register and management plan 
  13. the fire risk assessment.
  14. certificates of electrical compliance, portable appliance testing and fixed wire testing 
  15. certificates of gas compliance
  16. air conditioning inspection report -
  17. confirmation of compliance with the Equality Act 
  18. legionella testing report and water hygiene assessment (if any air-conditioning units)
  19. copies of all licences, permissions and consents required for the property
  20. environmental health inspection report
  21. planning consent, listed building consent, building warrants, plans and completion certificates and all other consents required for any alterations, additions or extensions to the property. 
  22. any construction documentation, collateral warranties and architect’s certificates in respect of any work carried out to the property in the past 10 years 
  23. any environmental reports and/or audits
  24. emergency lighting test certificate 
  25. confirmation that insurance of the whole property will be in place at settlement together with a copy of the policy.
  26. List of Moveable Items 

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